Aftercare Sleep Services

I work with the greatest parents who know that quality sleep is truly life changing.

Now that your little one(s) are sleeping like superstars, I do offer a bit of insurance, should questions come up or life throws a curve ball and sleep get’s off track.

Some of the most common sleep disruptions.
• Dropping a nap.
• Moving siblings into the same room.
• Traveling.
• Time changes.
• Moving from a crib to a bed.
• Milestones.
• New sibling.
• Prolonged illness.
• Serious life event.

Your child has the skills for independent sleep, but with age and maturity, your current sleep strategies may need to be refreshed.

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1 Hour In-depth Refresher call

– One-hour phone call to discuss any new life changes/travel plans/milestones and talk through a plan to stay on track. Includes a preliminary questionnaire, so that I am prepared and we can make the most of our time on the call. (May be split into 2 – 30-minute calls) $137.00

Get Back on Track

– Mini plan & 2 weeks of follow-up support – daily email/Voxer & 4 – 15-minute phone calls $397.00


Retainer Packages

Plan A – 12 total calls or Voxer messages

– One 20 minute phone call or Voxer message every month for 1 full year! Unused calls or messages roll over until the end of the year. $247.00

Plan B – 4 total calls or Voxer messages

– 4 – 20 minute phone call or Voxer messages to be used anytime you chose within 1 year. $100.00


Pay per call – One 15 minute call. $30


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