Adult Sleep Solutions

I work with awesome, but exhausted and frustrated adults who struggle with quality sleep.

You’ve googled and tried different strategies, tips or even pills, but it hasn’t helped enough or at all. The thought of bedtime makes you nauseous.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Bedtime means several hours of restlessly changing positions, longing for sleep to finally come.
Doctor’s don’t take your sleep concerns seriously and you feel like no cares about your sleep, except you.
Pills didn’t work or you need to keep upping the dose or add alcohol, which gives you anxiety about their scary side effects.
You wake in the middle of the night and stress about not being able to fall back asleep quickly, if at all.
Your career is suffering because of absences or lost productivity.
Lack of sleep is starting to chip away at the foundation of your family and relationships.
You’re physically and mentally drained and see no hope in sight of recharging.

By 2020, American’s are projected to spend $52 BILLION in just pharmaceutical sales from sleeping pills and over-the-counter sleep remedies. Source


  • Enjoying a simple bedtime routine that involves some well-deserved self-care EVERY NIGHT!
  • Getting a full night’s sleep, every night.
  • Saving money and your health by ditching the sleeping pills for good.
  • Looking forward to bedtime without the anxiety of not falling asleep.

This is EXACTLY what hundreds of families that I’ve personally worked with have experienced. And more!

That’s where my Solve Your Sleep Support Package will change your life.  Go from exhausted and frustrated to well-rested and confident that you will fall asleep easily and sleep peacefully all night long. Every. Single. Night!

In-Depth Personal Assessment & Sleep Space Assessment

  • The information I collect is strictly confidential and gives me the insight needed to create a sleep plan tailored to your specific sleep struggles.
  • Using FaceTime/Video, I will assess your sleep space for possible issues with light, sound, temperature, humidity, drafts, sleepwear, bed and room set-up and recommend changes for the best sleep environment.
  • Having a sleep space that is set-up for the best sleep possible from the beginning ensures peace of mind that it’s not likely anything in the room is keeping you from sleeping peacefully.

Personal Consultation with Custom Sleep Plan

We will talk about your sleep needs and challenges, and go through your sleep plan together, so that I am able to answer any specific issues or questions you might have.

  • You will get a straight forward sleep plan that tells you EXACTLY what to do for bedtime, middle of the night wake-ups, diet, lighting, stepping off medication (doctor’s approval) and more.

One-On-One Sleep Support

  • This sleep package includes up to 8 weeks of email/Voxer app support and weekly phone calls (typically 15 minutes) from the start of the program.
  • Having your questions answered, when you have them, is a big part of seeing positive sleep changes so quickly.
  • We will celebrate successes and talk through any problem areas to ensure you are your own sleep expert at the end of our time together.

It’s not to late to learn how to get amazing, restorative sleep, for your best life possible!

Package Total: $957

The one-on-one personal attention and encouragement I give is exactly what you need to keep you confident and learn how to sleep peacefully, quickly!

Be the well-rested, memory making, life lover you were meant to be.  Seriously!

Additional Sleep Packages

If you have multiple family members that you would like to work with, you will receive $150 off each additional package.

After working together…

  • Bedtime will be predictable and enjoyable.
  • Happy that you’re now getting the restorative sleep you need for improved attention, better behavior, increased learning potential, improved memory retention, higher emotional regulation, better quality of life and boosted mental & physical health.
  • You’ll be confident in your ability to fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep all night, for your best sleep every night.
  • The sky’s the limit…

Dreaming of sleep?

Stop Googling and get the sleep answers you are looking for.

You deserve amazing, restorative sleep for your best life, EVERYDAY!

 As a mom, I knew my son needed sleep. He wasn’t sleeping, he was miserable and I needed help. I reached out to Kimberly and she was the answer to a problem I couldn’t solve on my own! She was able to get him to fall asleep, ON HIS OWN, by 7pm when he wasn’t going to bed until 10pm or later with what I was trying! 

– Amber Noland
mother of 3 year old

Words cannot describe how much we appreciate Kimberly and her help. She’s brought a new sense of calm and love to our house. Since our daughter was not getting proper sleep, she would have tantrums that lasted 20 to 30 minutes. After beginning Kimberly’s sleep plan for our daughter, we have a transformed house. Our daughter now gladly goes to bed and is happy to begin her nighttime routine that Kimberly created for her.

– Elizabeth McKechnie
mother of 2 1/2 year old

After not having slept for 8 months, I was desperate and decided to give Kimberly a try. What a difference she’s made! My son is now an AMAZING sleeper. Our night time routine that was anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours is now only 30 minutes!

– Ia Ko
mother of 26 month old

 I must admit I was a bit skeptical of how what you suggested would work. With that said, my almost 2-year-old has slept through the night the last 3 nights! I’ve been waking up a hundred times checking on her but she has slept perfect all night long! No more waking up 5-6 times a night. We cannot thank you enough for your help!

– Velysity Butuso
mother of almost 2 year old

Getting Started is Easy


Individual & Sleep Space Assessment

Assessment of the individual & where they sleep.


Customized Sleep Plan

Detailed, easy-to-follow sleep plan specific to the individual and family.

Daily Expert Support

Daily contact via phone, text or email to ensure sleep success and celebrate.

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