Sleep Speaker Kimberly

Certified Pediatric & Adult Sleep Specialist

Let’s Talk Quality Sleep!

Exhausted and frustrated to energized and confident, that’s how my families feel. Real results not found in a blog or book.

Every day, I look forward to changing the lives of sleep-deprived families.

Hundreds of families are now believers in my sleep strategies after implementing them in their own homes.

Using science and experience, I teach and empower parents and professionals to become more intuitive to their child’s and their own sleep needs, giving them the confidence to maintain their healthy & restorative sleep, well after working together.

Imagine…all these benefits and more…just by getting quality sleeping!

    -Improved Attention
    -Better Behavior
    -Increased Learning Potential
    -Improved Memory Retention
    -Higher Emotional Regulation
    -Better Quality of Life
    -Boosted Mental & Physical Health

My speaking events are engaging, interactive and leave the participants feeling empowered that they have actual sleep knowledge they can trust to work.
Health & Wellness Events, Schools, Pediatric Physician’s & Specialists, Workplace Wellness Training, Parent Groups, MOPS Groups, Baby & Child Expo’s, Podcasts, Child Care Facilities, and More!

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Sleep Topics

    • Baby Sleep 101 (Safe Infant Sleep included)
    • Encouraging Independent Sleep Skills (child age specific to group)
    • Real Simple Steps to Improve YOUR sleep (Adults)

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