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Megan Buehler

4-month-old struggled to fall asleep and woke every few hours to sleeping 12 hours

We were desperate for help with our sweet girl who struggled to sleep without being held, and she woke every few hours to nurse. I was EXHAUSTED! We all got into the habit and it was hard to break! The plan Kimberly put in place for us was very specific and individualized especially for our family. Although I was nervous to get started, it was so nice to have Kimberly to encourage us, check in on us, and answer any questions we had! Our girl was a champ and within 5-7 days she was sleeping 12 hours on average in her crib! Thank you so much!


Amber Noland

3-year-old night owl who resisted previous sleep strategies over and over

As a mom, I knew my son needed sleep. He wasn’t sleeping, he was miserable and I needed help. I reached out to Kimberly and she was the answer to a problem I couldn’t solve on my own! I tried so many different sleep methods but nothing worked for my son. She listened to all of my sons needs and customized a plan that was tailored to him! She was able to get him to fall asleep, ON HIS OWN, by 7pm when he wasn’t going to bed until 10pm or later with what I was trying! I would, and have, recommended Kimberly to anyone who has kids with sleep issues! She’s the answer!


Crystal Atkins

5-month-old refused to sleep unless held

We came to Kimberly with a 5-month-old that only slept while being held. He wasn’t always like that so we were at a loss of why and how we got to the point where I was holding him ALL NIGHT long. Many friends suggested we just let him cry it out … I couldn’t do that. Thankfully Kimberly put together a very detailed sleep plan that allowed us to teach Avery better sleep skills, that didn’t leave him screaming all night. The plan and Kimberly answered all the questions the “books” left out. We felt confident and encouraged about our plan. The first night went so well, we were shocked and we now have a son who sleeps through the night. We cannot sing enough praises about Kimberly. Do yourself a favor and contact Kimberly now! Thank you again Kimberly for helping us all sleep well.


Sarah Karl

9-month-old twins who didn’t respond to conventional sleep advice

As a twin Mom who hasn’t slept in 9 months I was desperate for answers and solutions to help my babies sleep. We had literally read 6 books tried 3 other sleep consultant services and nothing was working. I was broken and didn’t know what we should be doing with sleep. I had a mother in law telling me it was just a matter of time, friends telling me to let them cry, and my own mom who couldn’t tell me what to do but could see the anxiety and stress the lack of sleep was causing. Then we found Kimberly, she came and did an in-home visit with us, immediately identifying some easy changes I could make to our setup and she walked us through our new bed time routine. She was supportive clear and knowledgeable. Her plan worked and no I don’t have perfect little sleepers, but darn close! I’m getting a solid 7 hrs of consecutive sleep now too. My Husband and I don’t argue about sleep anymore and my MIL is literally in shock at the improvements that my babies have made in their sleep! We just wish we would have started sooner!


Ia Ko

26-month-old took forever to fall asleep or stay asleep

I didn’t even know a sleep consultant was a thing. Don’t get me wrong. Books, videos, articles, etc. all made me feel like I should just figure out how to help my son become a good, independent sleeper. We tried and tried. After not having slept for 8 months, I was desperate and decided to give Kimberly a try. What a difference she’s made! My son is now an AMAZING sleeper. Our night time routine that was anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours is now only 30 minutes! Not only that, my toddler (!!!) is generally listening to us so much better and loves his sleep routine. I know – it sounds too good to be true. But yes, my husband and I talk about how grateful we are every single night ever since Kimberly introduced the new world of sleep training (and honestly parenting.)


Erika Beverley

4-month-old went from waking 5-15 times every night, to once for a feed

We came to Kimberly with a 4-month-old who was waking 5 to 15 times a night and struggling HARD with naps. She would scream in our arms for sometimes up to an hour before falling asleep. We rocked, used a pacifier, fed to sleep, bounced, walked and ran ourselves ragged to get her to sleep for 15 minutes at a time. She was ALWAYS cranky and spent much of the time crying. Every day was a living nightmare. We were exhausted, depressed, and almost hopeless. The first night of sleep training with Kimberly’s sleep plan she fell asleep on her own in 30 minutes and slept 12 hours with 1 brief waking for food. Kimberly changed our life and gave us our sanity back!!! We had doubts in the beginning if it was worth the money but 3 weeks later it was worth far more than we paid for it. We have so much more time to do things around the house and just be together. Plus, we have a much happier baby because she gets all the sleep she needs. If you are looking into doing this, do yourself a favor and DO IT NOW!


Sarah Y Coker

16-month-old who needed nursing, a pacifier, rocking or walking to sleep

We couldn’t be more grateful for Kimberly’s expertise in getting our sweet 16-month-old daughter to sleep better. She had only slept through the night a handful of times her entire little life and we were all showing the deprivation signs. What a difference it makes to witness your overtired toddler turn well rested! She has blossomed from this experience. We had hard core sleep props (nursing, paci’s, rocking, walking) and they were only becoming more intense as she was entering this toddler phase. Now, she can self soothe calmly, sleep through the night, and is taking long naps. Just like all kids, especially red heads like ours, we had some curve balls thrown at us. Kimberly was constantly there to guide us, patient to capture all the small details which means a lot and provided amazing support. Thanks to her thorough outline and all the “what if’s” scenarios we feel well prepared to keep our little one sleeping! (And let’s not forgot how grateful mom and dad are to sleep more too!!)


Heather Huggins

14-month-old surprised parents with sleep changes

Kimberly has been such a blessing for our exhausted family. She provided a very detailed plan for us (that covered all the “what if’s”) to help on the road to a better nights sleep. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t think my daughter would handle the changes well, but I was pleasantly surprised! We started to see a change with her immediately. Within a few nights, she was already soothing herself back to sleep in the middle of the night, without needing our assistance. We are so grateful for Kimberly’s knowledge and help!


Jessica Chiang

4-month-old surprised parents and is a great sleeper while traveling

My husband and I are both very pleased with the service provided by Kimberly mostly because we are sleeping again because are son is now sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 1.5-2 hour naps throughout the day! We are all finally well rested! Kimberly is professional and supportive throughout the process. In the beginning I was worried and full of doubt, and I thought it would be a traumatic experience for my son and I, but thankfully the process was simple with her help along the way. She also prepared us for our 1st mini vacation this Thanksgiving to visit family, and everyone kept saying how our son is such a good and happy baby. This made me so proud of all our hard work! Sleep is the best investment thus far for our son because his brain is developing and he is learning more everyday. Thank you so much Kimberly! I would recommend you to all my friends and family.


Tamara Feagin

15-month-old refused to lay down and fought sleep every night and nap

Wow! There is no other word for what Kim did for my little! My 15-month-old had only slept all night literally 4-5 times. Reflux caused many issues from birth. Because I had to hold her up after feedings she never learned to self soothe. I would feed her and rock her at bedtime. Then repeat every 3-4 hours all night long. Plus, I would have to try to lay her down 3-4 times each time! I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown!!!!! I had my free consultation with Kim, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. When it came time to pay, I did have second thoughts……. but, I needed to reclaim my sanity. Each night I saw an improvement. By night 5 She was sleeping 11-12 hours!!!!! WHAT! Kim kept in constant contact with me and I with her. She gave me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to get my little sleeping like she needed to for herself. I am a happy, rested Mommy and my little is no longer whining all day long because she is getting the sleep she desperately needed too!


Kendra Runnels

6-month-old woke multiple time at night to nurse and snack to sleep

I have a not-quite two-year-old AND and 6-month-old baby. When I came to Kimberly, I had not slept more than 4 hours straight since my second was born on October 14th, 2016. She still woke AT LEAST 2-4 times per night and needed to be nursed back to sleep every time. It was a non-negotiable to let this continue any longer. I needed to be rested to take care of both of my daughters. After 3-4 days with Kimberly’s schedule, my daughter was sleeping 8+ hour stretches and within 2 weeks had slept through the night (11-12 hours). And her naps are finally longer than 30-45 minutes each! She has at least 1-2 naps per day that are over 90 minutes now. I can take a break and get things done! This was not something I could have done on my own. I needed Kimberly’s explicit instructions and support to know I was doing the right thing every time my daughter woke in the night. That support and wisdom made a 100% difference in my staying consistent – which is how babies learn – consistency! Thank you Kimberly for the time you gave our family. We can’t thank you enough!


May ***

4-month-old would wake-up 4 times between 7 and 9 p.m.

Before I reached out to Kimberly, I felt desperate and frustrate about my almost 4 months old son’s sleeping condition. I spent more than 5 hours rocking, singing and walking to put him down every day! I didn’t have any more energy to play with him which made me feel so sad. After I put him in the crib every night around 7 pm he would wake up at least 4 times before 9 o’clock. I didn’t even have time to finish one whole meal. Every time he woke up in the middle of night, I would run to him and try everything to get him back to sleep. By rocking, feeding and holding him in my arms, I felt like there was no hope. I couldn’t bare this for one more day. So, I asked Kimberly for help. This is the best decision I could have ever made. You have to know how amazing this experience and result has been. At first, I didn’t know if the plan and training process would work. But I had faith in Kimberly, and knew that if I didn’t try, nothing would change. The first night of the 2 week plan was the hardest. My son cried for a little while, but feel asleep all on his own! I knew he didn’t feel abandoned because I was right there with him. Each night he cried much less, and by the fifth night, he only fussed for about 10 mins! How amazing! Now, he can fall asleep all by himself! I don’t need to rock and walk him anymore! Thanks to Kimberly, my son now sleeps 12 hours without feeding or waking up during the night. Not because I refused to feed him, but because he didn’t need to eat to fall back to sleep. I still can’t believe this is true!


Elizabeth McKechnie

Grumpy 2 1/2 year old who struggled to fall asleep before 9:00 p.m.

Words cannot describe how much we appreciate Kimberly and her help. She’s brought a new sense of calm and love to our house. When we began in conversation with Kimberly we felt we would never have a good handle on sleep. We’re parents to a lovely 2.5 year old girl. But when it came to going to bed we had a nightly struggle that often had her going to bed at 9:00pm or later. Since our daughter was not getting proper sleep, she would have tantrums that lasted 20 to 30 minutes. I knew we needed professional guidance and found Kimberly. Little did I know how much it would change our lives, both at night and during the day. After beginning Kimberly’s sleep plan for our daughter, we have a transformed house. Our daughter now gladly goes to bed and is happy to begin her nighttime routine that Kimberly created for her. Since our daughter is getting the proper sleep she needs, we now find that our little one has fewer tantrums and if she does get upset it last for a short period of time. Recently my father came to town for a visit. He remarked what a difference he saw in our daughter and that she seems more confidence, happy and self-assured. He agrees that having Kimberly work with our family was one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. We will think of Kimberly and the guidance she’s provided to our family for years to come. She’s helped us to set life long healthy sleep habits and we are all in a much better place because of her.


Stacey Benefield

14-month-old couldn’t sleep through the night and fought naps

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and patience during the sleep training process. You were so informative and thorough that it made the entire process much less stressful for us. It’s hard to believe we waited so long to start sleep training and I’m so thankful for how far we have come. To have no night wakings and consistent naps is such a dream for us. We can tell a difference in his demeanor during the day too! I will, without hesitation, refer any sleep deprived parents I meet! Thanks again for everything!


Layla Meijer

3-year-old & 1-year-old siblings

I came to Kim because my son has a million and one requests at bedtime and would not fall asleep before 9 or 10 p.m. each night and my 1 year old daughter would only fall asleep while nursing and refused to sleep in her crib without become hysterical. First off, Kim is so very patient and kind. Her tender spirit and calm reassuring nature seems to come effortlessly and I trusted her completely after our first phone call. I loved interacting with her during our time together. She has a way of providing corrective advice in such a gentle manner without being offensive or condescending, which was one of my fears when asking for help. This is such a rare gift nowadays!! She has a calling to lead in this field and I am utterly impressed by all she did for my whole family. It is so refreshing to find someone who loves what they do while doing it so well! Thank you so much Kim, my family is literally a NEW family!! We are well rested and happy to finally have some mom and dad time to relax and recharge. Wow! We didn’t think this was actually possible with 2 kids under 4,,,what a blessing for us all. A healthy and well rested family is invaluable, I would have paid double for just half of the results!!! If you are wondering if the time, energy and money is worth it, it is, 1000% YES! You will NOT regret it.


Maggie Wallis

6 1/2 -month-old needed motion or nursing for every sleep

What a difference a good night’s sleep can make for a family! We came to Kimberly for help with our 6.5 month old who wouldn’t go to sleep without nursing or motion and had NEVER slept through the night. On night one of our sleep plan our son slept through the night without being nursed and has not needed it since. We now have the tools to continue helping our son as his sleep patterns change with age and time. Thank you Kimberly!


Christine Raimondo

5 ½-month-old reflux, swing sleeper refused to sleep in crib

When I came to Kimberly, my child was sleeping in his swing and needed to be moved to his crib. He was waking 2-3 times during the night, and now sleeps from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night in his crib! Our family can now sleep peacefully at night and he is a much happier baby and so much more rested. Our first child slept so well, I could not understand what I was doing wrong. Kimberly supported me the whole time and gave so much advice to get us to our sleep goals. She even recommended an awesome sleep sack that was safe for him to sleep with, instead of stuffed animal, he loves it. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep and wants advice that actually works. It was totally worth it, because when he is sleeping = mom is sleeping.


Sabrina Johnson

7-month-old would only sleep when feeding or sucking a pacifier

When I found Kimberly, my daughter was depending on a pacifier and the bottle to fall asleep. Then, she would need one or both multiple times during the night to fall back to sleep when she woke up. I was uncomfortable with letting my daughter cry it out without helping her, and Kimberly taught me how and when to respond to her in a kind and nurturing manner, while still letting her fall asleep without her pacifier or bottle. Her support kept me going and I never felt alone or confused during the plan. Kimberly is super confident in what she does, which really helped me follow through. Now, I can finally have some me time in the evening and we BOTH sleep through the night, in the same room! I feel like I am able to enjoy being a parent again, sleep really does make how I see everything much better. I definitely recommend this to every exhausted parent out there that wants to make a change in how their child sleeps for the better. Worth every penny, and then some! Not one regret. Kimberly it there the entire time with you, either on the phone or by email, encouraging you, cheering you on and giving tips and advice to make changes when needed. When I have another child, I will be calling Kimberly first!


Emily R

14-month-old woke multiple times at night with short naps

My journey with Kim started about 4 months ago. At first, I really didn’t take the program to heart. I kept telling myself “My little one will eventually learn how to sleep. She will get there. She will grow into it.” And here we were, 4 months later with zero progress in the right direction. That’s when I came back to Kim and said, okay. It’s time. It’s past my husband and myself being sleepy, my daughter was simply exhausted all day. We had to change something. Kim was an absolutely incredible. Professional. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Educated. Patient. Loving. It was challenging at the beginning, but she was there as a resource and more importantly, was an incredible support system to remind us of why GOOD sleep is important for everyone. We were past the days of “survival.” We wanted to thrive. The customized plan and Kim’s knowledge and support absolutely allowed us to do so. We went from sleeping 2-3 hour stretches at night to 11. 11 HOURS! I never thought my child would sleep that long. We are sincerely grateful for the service that Kim provided. I would recommend her program to absolutely anyone!!!


Casey Randell

9-month-old would only sleep in parent’s bed

Thank you so much Kimberly! I can finally brag that my Jace sleeps through the night and he actually loves to go into his crib at bedtime and nap time. He is literally a new kid! The plan was perfect for us and all the support and encouragement really helped me become more confident with putting him to bed. I can’t stop telling people about you! I only wish I had done it sooner.


Gina Cunningham

7-month-old resisted the Ferber Method and refused naps

I had tried the Ferber Method on my own. My 7 month old was still waking 2 times a night for feedings and he was horrible with naps. I needed reassurance that he could be better. That he NEEDED better sleep. Kimberly was the answer. She cut right to the chase and came up with a great plan. We didn’t have to go “cold-turkey” on the night weening. She made me feel confident. She didn’t let me stray or start later than our goal start date because I was nervous. I needed a push and she gave it to me. I’ve already recommended her to a friend and I will recommend her to anyone that is struggling! He’s now sleeping for 11 hours straight through the night and 95% of naps he goes down without a fuss. Night 5 was our hardest night, but after that, it’s like he knew that sleep was amazing! Thank you Kimberly!


Melissa S

Siblings with unique sleep struggles

Kimberly provided excellent support at a point in time when we were experiencing ongoing sleep issues with both our toddler and preschooler. At the point in time we contacted her, we were worn out from lack of sleep for weeks. Kimberly talked to us to hear our concerns and ideal situation and created a tailored sleep plan for each child. She provided constant phone and text support when we initially started making the changes she recommended and answered all questions we had through the process. When we hit bumps in the road, she guided us through them. I was initially concerned about whether sleep techniques to help our children sleep through the night would involve using “cry it out”, but I was relieved to find this was not the case. Our toddler adjusted almost immediately and began sleeping peacefully all night for the first time in her life. Our preschooler has been a slower process, but we have seen definite improvements and our own rest level has benefited as well. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking sleep help for their children!


Velysity Butuso

Almost 2-year-old thrived with a new bedtime routine and better sleep environment

I must admit I was a bit skeptical of how what you suggested would work. With that said, my almost 2-year-old has slept through the night the last 3 nights! We moved her crib out of our room because we have too many windows, I put her nightlight on the opposite side of her bedroom, moved her bedtime to 8:30 instead of 9:30, and we have a good 30 min routine that she helped figure out (bath, lotion & pjs, brush teeth, quick book, & prayers). I’ve been waking up a hundred times checking on her but she has slept perfect all night long! No more waking up 5-6 times a night. We cannot thank you enough for your help!

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