Maternity & Newborn Sleep Solutions

(0 to 12 weeks)

I work with amazing parents & parents to-be, who want their newborn to sleep safely and peacefully from the start.

The never-ending cycle of feeding, changing, and trying everything for only a few minutes of sleep is overwhelming for even the most seasoned parents.

Teaching your newborn how to sleep peacefully right from the beginning is the BEST gift you can give your baby and family.

This is NOT sleep training or magic. You’ll learn exactly how to encourage your baby to fall asleep easily and sleeping long, restful stretches, naturally.

Life with a newborn can be…

Exhausting when neither you or baby aren’t getting enough sleep.

Confusing because other parents, the pediatrician, and your friends all giving you conflicting advice.

Expensive with all the baby sleep products you thought you needed, but don’t help.

Overwhelming because you just don’t know what you need to know about your baby’s sleep.

 Be confident your baby is getting the rest they need to be their happiest and healthiest self’s and finally enjoy being a parent the way you imagined it to be.


  • Putting your baby down and being confident that they will sleep safely for a long, restful stretch.
  • You’ll be able to have time to take care of yourself and responsibilities with longer, more predictable naps.
  • Sleeping through the night when they no longer need a feed for nutrition or to fall asleep.
  • Simple and enjoyable nap/bedtime routines that everyone appreciates.
  • Time for yourself and relationships now that everyone is getting the sleep they need.
  • Never having to sleep train because the sleep foundations you created early on have led to an independent, sleep loving baby.
These are ALL the results that the families I have worked with experienced. And more!

Maternity & Newborn Sleep Solutions

That’s where my Maternity & Newborn Sleep Solutions can change your life. It will take you from exhausted and frustrated to well-rested and confident that your child will fall asleep easily and will sleep peacefully.

Baby & Sleep Space Assessment
The information I collect about your baby & family is strictly confidential and gives me the insight needed to create a sleep plan tailored to your child’s temperament and your comfort level for changes needed.

Using FaceTime/Video, I will assess your child’s sleep space for possible issues with light, sound, temperature, humidity, drafts, sleepwear, crib, and room set-up and recommend changes for the best sleep environment.

Having a sleep space that is set-up for the best sleep possible from the beginning ensures safety and peace of mind that it’s not likely anything in the room that is keeping them from sleeping peacefully.

Personal Consultation with Newborn Healthy Sleep Skills Guide
We will talk about your child’s sleep needs and challenges, and go through the guide together so that I am able to answer any specific issues or questions you might have.

You will get a straight forward, step-by-step sleep plan that tells you EXACTLY what to do for bedtime, naps, early wake-ups, teething, illnesses and more.

One-On-One Sleep Support
Your support includes weekly emails to check-in on your progress until they reach 16 weeks, along with 4 additional emails, and 2 phone calls (typically 15 minutes) to address more immediate questions or concerns.

Having your questions answered, when you have them, is a big part of seeing positive sleep changes so quickly.

We will celebrate successes and talk through any problem areas to ensure you are your own baby’s sleep expert at the end of our time together.

Teaching your baby to sleep now, will set the foundation for amazing sleep for the rest of their lives.

Package Total: $547

The one-on-one personal attention and encouragement I give are exactly what you need to keep you confident and teach your child to sleep peacefully, quickly!

Be the well-rested, memory-making family you’ve been dreaming of. Seriously!

In-Home Sleep Support

Let’s meet in the comfort & privacy of your home or I can be right there with you when starting.

Parents feel more confident and see quicker results when they have me with them to decipher their child’s reactions and make changes on the spot, if needed.

I also come armed with goodies! A folder with ALL your sleep materials and a sleep book for your little one. Starting at: $127

A minimal travel fee may apply if over 25 miles from Tecumseh, MI


Twins, Triplets, or More Multiples

Good news! There is no extra charge per child of the same age.

Additional Siblings

If you have multiple children at different ages that you would like to work with, you will receive a $150 discount on additional packages.

 …We had hard core sleep props (nursing, pacis, rocking, walking) and they were only becoming more intense as she was entering this toddler phase. Now, she can self soothe calmly, sleep through the night, and is taking long naps.

– Sarah Corker
mother of 4 month old

As a mom, I knew my son needed sleep. He wasn’t sleeping, he was miserable and I needed help. I reached out to Kimberly and she was the answer to a problem I couldn’t solve on my own! I would, and have, recommended Kimberly to anyone who has kids with sleep issues! She’s the answer!

– Amber Noland
mother of 5 month old

 We came to Kimberly with a 4-month-old who was waking 5 to 15 times a night and struggling HARD with naps. The first night of sleep training with Kimberly’s sleep plan she fell asleep on her own in 30 minutes and slept 12 hours with 1 brief waking for food. Kimberly changed our life and gave us our sanity back!!!

– Crystal Atkins
mother of 5 month old

My husband and I are both very pleased with the service provided by Kimberly mostly because we are sleeping again because are son is now sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 1.5-2 hour naps throughout the day! We are all finally well rested!

– Jessica Chiang
mother of 4 month old

The plan Kimberly put in place for us was very specific and individualized especially for our family. Our girl was a champ and within 5-7 days she was sleeping 12 hours on average in her crib! Thank you so much!

– Megan Buehler
mother of 4 month old

After working together…

  • You won’t have to cross your fingers and ninja crawl out of the bedroom, hoping your baby doesn’t wake-up when your knee cracks.
  • Know what strategies work best for getting your baby to fall asleep safely, independently, and easily.
  • Naps will be more predictable, longer, and restful.
  • You’ll be confident enough to travel and make all those memories you’ve been dreaming of.
  • You’ll finally have more time for yourself to do whatever you choose during naps and after bedtime.

Dreaming of sleep?

Stop Googling and get the sleep answers you are looking for.

You deserve amazing, restorative sleep for your best life, EVERYDAY!

Getting Started is Easy


Individual & Sleep Space Assessment

Assessment of the individual & where they sleep.


Customized Sleep Plan

Detailed, easy-to-follow sleep plan specific to the individual and family.

Daily Expert Support

Daily contact via phone, text or email to ensure sleep success and celebrate.

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